If you have come to this page, you are probably concerned about drug and alcohol problems in your own life, your family, your neighborhood, your workplace, or the Washington, DC metropolitan area. You are not alone.
Thousands of people are struggling with problems caused by Substance Use Disorder, a chronic, progressive, but very treatable medical condition with large behavioral, economic, and political effects. Thousands more have overcome their own versions of the problems to live happy, productive lives. This site will help you find your own solutions and ways to celebrate a new way of life.
The site is organized into several sections:

  • an invitation and a roadmap to recovery for those still struggling;
  • background information and resources for those who want a deeper understanding of the problem and available solutions;
  • opportunities for celebration and maintenance of a sober life;
  • a workbench for people building solutions and celebrations.

To learn more, to do more, click on the hyperlinks in the message above.

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